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22628_miley_cyrus_miley_bikini_wjw1zvyThe Hollywood stars and asterisks almost remind every day of themselves to all world the intimate photos and video! As Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens pose naked or fighting off sex tape rumours.
Now and from mobile phones… Who the first reason - stars or mass-media which very much love such news from a private life of celebrities?
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I do not judge strongly strictly, the life varies also who knows that will be tomorrow. Many stars would use these methods what to involve in themselves a media exposure and mass-media.
Just like Vanessa Hudgens the young star has raunchy cell phone images leaked all over the internet. There are pictures of her nearly nude laying in bed in sexually suggestive positions. These are the actresses that tween and teenage girls look up to as role models.

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miley_cyrusMiley Cyrus has done it again, as more of her private pictures have surfaced online. This time the photos, which were supposedly mailed to Miley’s boyfriend, Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers band, were apparently hacked by someone calling himself TrainReq, who claims to have much naughtier pictures of Miley Cyrus, possibly even Miley Cyrus nude pictures, which he is planning to sell.

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Jennifer Wanderer naked - she was at germany’s next topmodel.




Jennifer Wanderer removes itself on a mobile phone - for the sake of what? For scandal to draw to itself the attention or simply phone that has been cracked by whom… I do not know. But model quite nice.

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Brunette poses nude on really hot sex tapes.
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